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 Tarpaulin Repair Kit


Keder Max Tarpaulin Repair Tape is made of HDPE woven fabric + pressure sensitive adhesive + paper release liner. It can be widely used for different types of tarpaulin repair including repairing rips and tears on tarpaulin, joining tarpaulin together, or to reinforce weak points. Tarpaulin Repair Tape is high tear strength and good adhesion. It's also waterproof, UV resistant, and flexible to use.


Waterproof: Keder Max Repairing Tape is designed to be waterproof, ensuring that the patches or repairs made on tarpaulin with it are effective and long-lasting.


Durable: The Repairing Tape is made from high-quality HDPE material, making it resistant to tearing and damage from exposure to outdoor conditions. Whether it is tarpaulin, drip irrigation tube, pipe, duct or tank that suffers from water leakage,


Adhesive: The Repairing Tape has a strong adhesive backing that sticks firmly to tarpaulins and other outdoor fabrics, ensuring that the repairs are secure and stable.


UV resistant: The Repairing Tape is designed to be UV resistant, which means it will not break down or degrade when exposed to sunlight.


Easy to use: The Repairing Tape is easy to use, requiring no special tools or expertise. Simply cut the tape to the desired length and apply it to the damaged area. This tape is a perfect choice for tarpaulin and other plastic/paper sheet. The Keder Max Repair Tape is an inexpensive material that can be used to repair a variety of tarpaulin products.



  1. HDPE Tarpaulin

  2. LDPE Tarpaulin

  3. Ponliner

  4. Cross-laminated tarpaulin

  5. Grow Bag

  6. Shelter Fabric

  7. Ground Cover

  8. Vermi Compost Bed

  9. Crop Cover

  10. Flexible Water Tank

  11. Truck Cover

  12. Geomembrane sheet

How to use Tarpaulin Repair Kit

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