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 Tarpaulin Repair Kit


Our repairing kit is the one-stop solution for all your repairing needs for HDPE tarpaulin and pond liner. The kit contains our HDPE woven adhesive tape of 5m length quantity, fabric for patching, cloth for cleaning, and a cutter. Application:

  1. HDPE Tarpaulin

  2. LDPE Tarpaulin

  3. Ponliner

  4. Cross-laminated tarpaulin

  5. Grow Bag

  6. Shelter Fabric

  7. Ground Cover

  8. Vermi Compost Bed

  9. Crop Cover

  10. Flexible Water Tank

  11. Truck Cover

  12. Geomembrane sheet

How to use Tarpaulin Repair Kit

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