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PVC Repair Kit


Keder Max Repair Kit is a strong adhesive for PVC coated and the laminated fabric consists of industry-standard Vinyl adhesive of a 100ml quantity, fabric for patching, and cloth for cleaning. ​The repairing kit is the one-stop solution for all your repairing needs for products manufactured from PVC film, PVC-coated fabric, and TPU-coated fabric.


Tough Bond Once the adhesive and the patch are applied on the repairing surface, it creates a tough bond with good weather resistance, waterproof, flexible, and leakproof for inflatable products.

Application The repairing kit works with a tarp, Tarpaulin, Biogas Balloon, Oil Boom, Inflatable Pool, Tent, Inflatable boat, Inflatable Kayak, Flexi Tank, Bouncy, Ventilation Tube, Awning, Fish Tank, Banana Ride, Seat Cover, Auto Hood, Boxing Bag, Auto rickshaw canopy, Auto rickshaw hood, Bean Bag, tensile structure, etc


​Remark - Hair dryer or Hot Gun not included but required for good sealing. The heavy-duty repair kit comes with color options of Grey, Royal Blue, White, and Black.

Features -

  1. Superior for patching and sealing PVC-coated and laminated fabrics

  2. Creates Durable and Waterproof seal

  3. Builds a Strong and Flexible Seal

  4. Resistant to Temperature and Weather extremes

Usage -

  1. Clean surfaces to join with the cotton cloth

  2. Apply evenly on the surfaces

  3. Allow adhesive to dry

  4. Press together and apply heat using a hot air gun or hair dryer

  5. Apply pressure and remove bubbles using the cotton cloth

Application -

  1. Tarpaulin

  2. Biogas Balloon

  3. Oil Boom

  4. Inflatable Pool

  5. Tent

  6. Inflatable boat

  7. Inflatable Kayak 

  8. Flexi Tank

  9. Bouncy

  10. Ventilation Tube

  11. Awning

  12. Fish Tank

  13. Banana Ride

  14. Seat Cover

  15. Auto Hood

  16. Boxing Bag

  17. Auto rickshaw canopy

  18. Auto rickshaw hood

  19. Bean Bag

How to use PVC Repair Kit

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